Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brief Introduction

Stalking by proxy is when one person convinces other people to torment and traumatize another person.  It is similar to workplace bullying and mobbing but much worse in that its occurrence is not limited to the workplace and the torment is usually much worse. 

The person who initiates the vicious campaign against another usually lacks conscience yet appears to have one and is usually a very charasmatic individual, very credible.  I personally believe the person who would stoop this low must surely be one of the bad kinds of narcissists and/or a sociopath.  I call these people "reprobates."

The people the reprobates manipulate and convince to torment and traumatize another person I call "puppets" because they pander to the wishes of the reprobates for various reasons.  People are often beguiled into participation in these campaigns, being told the target is under investigation for some heinous crime and help is needed to "catch" them because they are so intelligent or so sneaky, etc., and they need to be "driven out of town" at the very least.

The people assaulted in this way I call "targets" because all of the traumatizing attacks are directed at this person.  Targets are sometimes political activists, or people who know something about someone powerful that feels threatening to them, such as a politician or a company.  Others are targeted by certain "religious" groups. 

Often the things that are done are illegal, such as breaking and entering the person's home and/or business establishment, wire tapping, home tapping and even home and business video recording.  Character assassination is always at the top of the list and nothing said about the target is ever true.  Personal property is vandalized, pets are often killed, reptiles, mice, fleas, etc., are often placed in the home and more.  The target is ridiculed, humiliated, and every attempt is made to utterly and totally destroy that person, drive them to complete nervous breakdowns and even suicide.  Sometimes the targets are murdered and it is made to look like suicide.

This can take place over a period of years, which is part of what makes this activity truly an evil practice.  It's a real hate campaign against an innocent person who has done no wrong and never would intentionally hurt anyone or anything.

While workplace bullying and mobbing targets a worker and is in and of itself traumatizing, the assault is most often limited to the work place and the tactics and techniques used against the target, while officious, are not quite as vicious and destructive as those used in stalking by proxy.

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